Love the passion, dedication and enthusiasm that Saloni brings to the table. She is a go getter and has a great penchant to learn and adapt quickly. Saloni has a warm personility and a pleasure to work with!

- Dayananda Nanjundappa [SVP, India & Technology @ Vimeo]

Working with Saloni was an absolute pleasure. She has great technical skill, consistently pushing through hard projects on even harder deadlines. She also has a contagious positive energy that helps push the team through all hard projects. Saloni also has a great mind and empathy for the user, always going above and beyond pure implementation. Overall, Saloni is would make a great addition to any team.

- Jon Hurwitz [Senior Product Manager, Growth @ Vimeo]

An enthusiastic person with budding ideas having an eye for detailing is how I saw Saloni at work whilst we worked in the same team at Oracle. Her constant endeavour to table a fresh outlook to every problem statement that was deliberated upon is something that was highly appreciated by one and all. To her credit, her ability to multitask combined with the capacity to absorb a steep learning gradient, I can certainly endorse her as an asset to any team/org that she's a part of.

- Himangshu Chowdhary [Technical Lead @ Oracle]


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