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I am seeking a Product Management Intern opportunity for Summer'22. Here's my Resume. If you see us vibing over product ideas, let's connect! 👩‍💻

My biggest strength is that I notice. And I notice a lot. The world is screaming out data, and there is just so much to learn from it!

I am a Computer Science master's student at Georgia Tech, an experienced Frontend Engineer, User Experience enthusiast, and Human-Computer Interaction researcher. Constantly maneuvering the realms of usability, design, and performance, I am interested in exploring that thin line where engineering and art fuse into a game-changer. I understand the importance of subtle details, and I understand the challenges of tech. With a ubiquitous take on user-centered design, and the attention-to-detail as a researcher, I am ready for the world of Product.

I have a diverse background from building MVPs, conducting ethnographic field research, designing UX prototypes, to building core frontend architecture and end-to-end development of collaborative digital marketing platform. With over four years of industry experience in leading projects, and data-driven exploration of our users needs, I can build a product not only usable but also an absolute treat to engage with!

In addition, I am a strong advocate of sustainable development and want to be a part of an organization that empathizes with my vision of imbibing sustenance at a granular level.

Web Dev
Javascript, TypeScript, NextJS, React, Webpack, HTML, CSS, Tailwind, SASS, Spring, Java Swing, NodeJS, PHP
Product Planning
Jira, Trello, Confluence, Miro, Tableau, RawGraph, DataWrapper
User Experience
Dedoose, Figma, Invision, Typeform, Qualtrics XM
Ethnographic research, Qualitative coding, Data visualization, Health informatics


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